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Demon Hanover's First Crop of Horses 1953

Stallion - Demon Hanover 1953 Production
NAMEDAMSEX2YO Mark3YO MarkOther Mark
Belle KettronChloeFilly 2, TT 2:10m--
Contralto's DemonContraltoGelding- 3, 2:05.1m-
Demon AlwaysJosedale Always??? 2, TT 2:05.3m 3, 2:04m-
Lady DemonHazlellFilly---
ParkadeRichmond SpencerGelding--2:10.4h
Steamin' DemonConchitaColt t, 2, 2:19.4h t, 3, 2:00m p, 4, TT1:58.4m
WhithornSilver MayGelding- 3, 2:14.3h-
FOAL DIEDEsther Song----
FOAL DIEDScotch Velvet----
FOAL DIEDSong Girl----
FOAL DIEDSue Gallon----

Six out of the seven living horses sired by Demon Hanover in 1953 raced and took marks.

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