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Demon Hanover's Second Crop of Horses 1954

Stallion - Demon Hanover 1954 Production
NAMEDAMSEX2YO Mark3YO MarkOther Mark
Buckeye DemonEsther SongColt 2, 2:08m- 4, 2:00.1m
Brave DemonThe SquawColt---
Dashing DemonAbigail AbbeyColt---
DemonaraSue GallonFilly---
Demon BoyHazlellColt---
Demon JeanVoljeanFilly---
Demon JudyIva WorthaFilly---
Demon MaryPrincess WarwellFilly-- 4, TT2:04.3m
Demon RumSilver LexColt 2, 2:02m 3, 1:59.4m-
Demon VanConchitaColt-- 5, 2:06.2h
Fire DemonChloeFilly-- 4, 2:11.2h
Gay DemonGaywayFilly 2, 2:12.2h--
Gilda's DemonGilda DillonColt---
Little DemonLargoColt 2, 2:14.4h- 4, 2:07.2h
Mary's FillyAlda ReturnFilly---
Miss Demon DonHelen CobbumFilly-- 4, 2:12h
Miss Red DemonMiss Red BlazeFilly---
Natty DemonProtiptonFilly-- 4, 2:10h
Sonny DemonPatsy BunterColt---
(Scotch Demon)aka Demon RainbowScotch VelvetColt 2, p,2:14.1h--

Notice that by the time this group of horses reached four years old that 50% of them raced and obtained a mark.

From the group of ten Colts born that year, three would go on to become stallions: Demon Rum, Demon Van, and Demon Rainbow. Demon Rum was a disappointment as a trotting stallion, Demon Rainbow became a pacing sire, and Demon Van standing at very small farm in Circleville, Ohio produced some nice trotters despite the fact he was bred to mediocre broodmares.

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