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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

2002 Matinee Review

1st Race Scoring The first race, featuring Amateur drivers, ended up being the fastest race on the card as they had no time barrier and driver 'Bud' Wilton took advantage of his horse's racing experience and speed by powering to the lead with Mr. Star. Amy Nicholson driving Alexander F from the rail post position parked Wilton and Mr. Star to the quarter before yielding the lead and deciding to take the pocket trip. Charlie Carter driving French Fry tucked in behind Alexander F and Lone Rone had made a break leaving the gate and never caught the field. Nicholson stayed in the pocket until the head of the stretch where she pulled and tried to beat Wilton to the finish but Mr. Star's foot speed carried he and Wilton to the win in 2:01.2h. Nicholson finished second with Alexander F, and driver Charlie Carter finished third with French Fry, while Joe Varga drove Lone Rone to a distanced fourth.

2nd Race Post Parade The second race consisted of four pacers and a lone trotter racing in a time-barred class of 2:40. The field was well behaved gate-schooling behind the gate for a half-mile but when the gate powered and left for the start it apparently spooked MMMM Mac D as he shied and swerved to the inside. This left the outside horse Dappers Fire Fox a clear road to the top. MMMM Mac D settled down and sat in second with Cambuktu flowing into the third position, the trotter Balanced Rocket taking the fourth spot, and Fran Fine forced to fifth. They stayed this way until the half when Charlie Carter driving Fran Fine pulled and went from dead last to the top and started to pull away when the track announcer reminded him they were not to beat 2:40 so he reined in his horse and the field bunched up again. By the three-quarter pole Fran Fine was on top, with Dappers Fire Fox second, MMMM Mac D third, Cambuktu fourth, and Balanced Rocket fifth. In the stretch Dappers Fire Fox and MMMM Mac D had pulled on Fran Fine and they raced to the finish with MMMM Mac D winning, Fran Fine getting second, and Dappers Fire Fox third, Cambuktu fourth, and Balanced Rocket fifth. However, the winner ended up pacing the mile in 2:36.1 and got disqualified for beating the time-bar, so the Trophy ended up going to last place finisher Balanced Rocket as he trotted within the time-bar.

3rd Race Gate Schooling The third race was a time-bar class of 2:30 for two and three year old trotters. The rail horse Big Mac made a break leaving the gate, so Frosty Lick out of the two-hole went right to the lead. Inquiring Lady tucked in second, Hidden Command settled in third, with I'm Chaser taking fourth, and Big Mac getting back on gait, fifth. They raced this way single file until the last turn where Inquiring Lady followed by Hidden Command, pulled, and sat parked on the outside of leader Frosty Lick. By mid stretch I'm Chaser and Big Mac were also out and the whole field ended up crossing the wire together. With no photo-finish available the judges declared Inquiring Lady the winner in 2:33 over Frosty Lick by a neck. Hidden Command was placed third, I'm Chaser fourth, and Big Mac fifth.

The fourth race had only two pacing participants: a two year old, Columbo Star, and a three year old, Cross Town Cam, competing in a time-bar class of 2:15. It was apparent while gate-schooling that Columbo Star was a bit of a handful as driver Pat Clark had to lay flat back in the race bike, using his body as leverage, to hold Columbo Star back. When the gate let them go Columbo Star bolted to the lead and Cross Town Cam politely sat in second until mid stretch where he made is bid for the lead. But Columbo Star re-buffed his competitor and took the win in 2:16.2h.

Jogging Horses The fifth race had a full field of five horses consisting of two and three year old trotters competing in a 2:25 time-bar class. Driver Dan Miller took the three, Hello Speedy, off the gate and went right to the lead. Rail horse Jessie Coy sat in the pocket, second, while Hey Greg from the far outside moved into the third spot, and Wesley Star settled in fourth, Laser Solar made a break off the gate and took the fifth position. Going to the half Jessie Coy pulled on the leader and was followed by Laser Solar coming from the back. Jessie Coy briefly got the lead but made a break, which left Hello Speedy back on top and Laser Solar slid into a hole that opened up behind Hello Speedy. Wesley Star moved to the outside third, followed by Hey Greg fourth, and Jessie Coy getting back on gait fifth. At the three quarters Hello Speedy still had the lead, but Wesley Star was pressuring him second on the outside, with Hey Greg following third on the outside, inside sat Laser Solar fourth, and Jessie Coy fifth. Down the stretch Hello Speedy was able to hold off the challenges from both Wesley Star and Hey Greg and won in 2:26.3h with Laser Solar fourth, and Jessie Coy fifth.

6th Race Gate School The sixth race was a field of four trotters racing in a 2:15 time-bar class. The six year old trotter MB Lucky left off the gate and went right for the lead. Three year old Photon Laser settled in second, followed by fellow three year old, Distant Destroyer, third, with the lone two year old, Cindy Coy, taking the fourth position. Going to the quarter pole Photon Laser made a break and pulled to the outside forcing Distant Destroyer to close the hole when he made break. Going to the half MB Lucky was still on top, Cindy Coy moved into second place, with Photon Laser back trotting third on the outside, and Distant Destroyer a distant fourth. Photon Laser made a bid for the lead at the half, but again made a break and once back trotting settled in third going to the three quarters. With Photon Laser and Distant Destroyer supplying no threat, the two year old Cindy Coy made a bold move pulling on MB Lucky at the three quarter pole and hung with him down the stretch, but the more experienced horse, MB Lucky, trotted to victory in 2:15 flat. Giving his driver Mike Mullet is second lifetime driving win.

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