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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS (Revised 3/22/01)


Article I. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Western Reserve Matinee Club.


Section 1. To promote harness racing in north central Ohio.

Section 2. To sponsor Matinee races each Spring.

Section 3. To assist the Fair Board in maintaining horse facilities.


Section 1. Any person racing Standardbreds.

Section 2. Any person interested in harness racing.


Section 1. The Officers of this club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. This group of Officers shall be known as the Officers Committee.

Section 3. Duties of the Officers Committee will be as follows:
A. To oversee entire operations of the club, including:
  1. Budget
  2. Audit
  3. Planning
  4. Policy
B. Decisions of the Officers Committee will be recorded in the club minutes.

Section 4. Standing Committees:
A. The President shall appoint committees throughout the year as he/she deems necessary. At the time of the appointment the President shall define the duties of that committee.

Section 5. Dues:
A. Annual dues shall be the amount recommended by the Officers Committee and voted upon by the club membership.

Section 6. Meetings:
A. Meetings will be called by the President as neccessary.
B. All matters are to be decided at regular meetings (not pertaining to Article V. Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Constitution) will be passed and approved by a simple majority of members present.
C. No more than one motion can be on the floor at one time. Motion stays on the floor until seconded and voted upon.
D. The President has the right to call for a "Roll Call" vote on any motion on the floor.
E. The President has no vote in these matters. If a vote is deadlocked, the President my cast the deciding vote.


Section 1. Adoption of Constitution and By-Laws:
A. This Constitution and it's By-Laws became effective by two-thirds vote of the members present in the 3/22/01 called meeting.

Section 2. An amendment to this Constitution and/or it's By-Laws may be introduced at any regular meeting of the Officers Committee, to be acted upon at a subsequent meeting. A quorum of 10 active club members is required to make admendents to the Constitution and/or it's By-Laws.

Section 3. Written notification of the club's Annual Meeting shall be given to the active membership at large 30 days prior to that meeting.



Section 1. Terms of Office: Unless otherwise stated or amendments adopted; term of all Officers shall be two years, beginning in the year 2000.

Section 2. Election of Officers: Officers shall be elected at the first full regular club meeting of each year. Names of nominated candidates for each office will be taken from the active club membership. Voting shall be conducted by secret ballot only when two or more candidates have been nominated for the same Office.
A. Only those persons holding a current membership in their name are eligible to vote.

Section 3. Duties of President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the club. He/She shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for, and shall appoint a Chairman of each committee as needed. He/she shall be responsible for coordinating the club.

Section 4. Duties of Vice President: The Vice President will assist and carry out the directions of the President and if neccessary, assume all duties and responsibilities of the President, should he/she not be able to do so.

Section 5. Duties of Secretary: The Secretary shall handle all correspondence for the club and shall keep records (minutes) of all meetings of the club. He/she shall prepare and keep on file a correct list of the names and addresses of all members of the club. The Secretary shall distribute a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws to members of the club upon their request. All members will be given and notified of any admendments to the Constitution and/or By-Laws.

Section 6. Duties of Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all dues. He/she shall have charge of all funds of the club, and shall disburse them as needed. The Treasurer shall give a report of club funds at each meeting.

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