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Western Reserve Matinee Club-BBytes


With the demise of the Western Reserve Matinee Club I will no longer post anything new or update the Backstretch Bytes. I hope you have enjoyed the few articles I have posted at this site and will leave them here as an archive, but please do not copy or re-post at another website without contacting the author.
-- resigned, webmaster

Archived Backstretch Bytes:
Get to Know the Ohio State Racing Commission
2003 Wayne County Fair Review
Colors of Wooster
The Rise, Decline, and Fall(?) of Matinee Racing
Gay Acres Farm, Gone with the Gavel
2002 Wayne County Fair Review
One Final Time clinches Signature Series Trot
2002 Matinee Review
A Historical Byte
Swing Anna Miss a home run horse
Master Shawn out of retirement and into winner’s circle

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 19, 2003; 12:25 PM EST