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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

Notes Executive Session 12/15/03

Officer present: Sharry Starner.

A Treasurer's Report was e-mailed by Annette Smith that reflected the income produced from the Club's Banquet/Meeting held on 3/20/03.


Nobody wants to become President and take over running the Matinee Club.

Sharry Starner, Annette Smith, and Mitzie Lee Stickley's terms run out at the the end of December 2003, and none of them wish to be re-elected.


The call for someone to take over the Club went un-answered: there has been no interest from anyone to fill any of the Club Officer positions and run the Western Reserve Matinee Club.

Therefore, the out-going Officers propose that the funds accumulated in the Club bank account be distributed in the following way: $2,000 will be donated to the Wayne County Fair Board to be used for the purchase of stone for the racetrack, $500 will be used for snow removal from the racetrack during the winter, and the remaining $18 will be left in the account for any future people who may want to start up and continue Matinee racing at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

Executive session adjourned.

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