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Western Reserve Matinee Club

Notes from Annual Meeting on 3/20/03

Officers present: Steve Nemec, Sharry Starner, and Annette Smith.
Absent Officer: Mitzie 'Lee' Stickley Club Poster

The meeting was convened at the East of Chicago Pizza Restaurant. The meeting began with a Social Hour where Club members, their friends, and family congregated and enjoyed each others company. The meeting began with President Steve Nemec, assisted by Kevin Landfair, drawing out the first 50 Reverse Raffle tickets. Taking a break from Raffle duties he presented the Club's business portion of the meeting. Drawing Raffle Tickets


The President stated that the Club paid for four snow removals for the 2002-2003 winter season at a cost totalling $550. He also stated that the Club has given $1,350 to the Wayne County Fair Board for stone and race-track maintenance: grading the track.


The President formally announced that his term as Club President has expired and he does not wish to continue in that capacity. He opened the floor for Presidential nominations. However, nobody came forward to accept the position so the position has been left open. With no President the Club's duties for the rest of 2003 will fall on Vice President, Sharry Starner, and Treasurer, Annette Smith.

The President then asked whether people want to hold a Matinee this year or cancel it altogether due to lack of participation and interest. The entry box was light last year and there were only enough horses to fill six races. The Club breaks even running a Matinee but does not make a profit. So, with approximately 26 people present a vote was taken on interest in having a Matinee. Sixteen people expressed interest, but suggested that it be a training session with only local people and their horses scoring behind a gate on the back of a truck. They expressed no need for a real starting gate, insurance, sound, and ambulance service. No specific date or time was established for having a training day-matinee, a 'wait and see' attitude was taken. Vice President, Sharry Starner, expressed the idea that the Club's focus could move away from Matinee racing and concentrate on annual fund-raising that would specifically benefit racehorse trainers on the Fairgrounds by providing funds for racetrack maintenance, track equipment, and snow removal. Club Members

A motion was presented and passed to refurbish Monroe Weaver's old aluminum starting gate, it currently will not fit on any pickup truck on the grounds. The Club will pay to have it made to fit on the back of Chevy pickup trucks for use by all racehorse trainers on the Fairgrounds.

Next the President turned the floor over to Annette Smith for a Treasurer's Report. She reiterated the cost of this season's snow removal: $550, and race-track maintenance: $1,350. Matinee Day costs: insurance: $125, Judge: $50, ambulance service: $125, sound system: $50, starting gate: $150. Matinee Day income: $345. Last year's Reverse Raffle income: $1,301 - thanks to Rich Mairs for donating back to the Club his winnings from the 2002 raffle. A printed version of the report was available for all interested Club members.

Raffle Ticket Board After the Treasurer's report the President took up drawing the rest of the tickets for the Reverse Raffle. The complete list of names drawn in order follows (if I mis-spelled your name, sorry!):

  1. Ed Rohr, Massillon, Ohio - $100 WINNER
  2. Larry Claybaugh
  3. Brenda Kellogg
  4. Dean Davis
  5. Dr. Yerse
  6. Bob Beichler
  7. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  8. Naree Umholtz
  9. Joe Miller
  10. Dan Miller
  11. Neva Nussbaum
  12. Clair Umholtz
  13. Willard Hershberger
  14. Henry Wood
  15. Tim Minute
  16. Wooster Farmers
  17. Ed Thomas
  18. Robert Nemec
  19. Scott Davis
  20. Chester Queberg
  21. Rob Starner
  22. Don Beichler
  23. Earl Bowman
  24. Steve Heaze
  25. Rod Mohler
  26. Pat Clark
  27. Bob Graber
  28. Linda Smith
  29. Doug Shedrow
  30. Martin J. Fisher
  31. Vern Schlabach
  32. Ed Thomas
  33. Leonard Buckner
  34. Brandon Gentry
  35. Dean Davis
  36. Cris Troyer
  37. President Stark Co. Horseman
  38. Phil Totton
  39. Dean Davis
  40. Steve Landfair, Wooster, Ohio - $100 WINNER
  41. Joseph Hites
  42. Eric Howell
  43. Brice Payne
  44. Jessica Alderfer and Heidi Sitek
  45. Ben Miller
  46. Tony Raber
  47. Tony Minute
  48. Deb Shrack
  49. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  50. Steve Landfair
  51. Mary Beth Motta
  52. Harry R. Miller
  53. Michelle Howell
  54. Jack Motta
  55. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  56. Macy Payne
  57. Dean Davis
  58. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  59. Kip Pettingale
  60. Jim Pantaleano Stable, Northfield, Ohio - $100 WINNER
  61. Larry Acker
  62. Don Olinger
  63. Ed Thomas
  64. Bruce Sturgeon
  65. Vern Schlabach
  66. Kitty Keating
  67. Kevin Landfair
  68. Randall Carr
  69. Steve Feist
  70. Rich Miles
  71. Mike Catrone
  72. Rick Snyder
  73. Dave Hawk
  74. Henry Beachy
  75. Margaret Snyder
  76. Great Lakes Computer Systems
  77. Buford Cardill
  78. Ron Wagner
  79. Tony Lovejoy
  80. Ed Thomas
  81. Vern Schlabach
  82. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  83. Kenny Bower
  84. Marvin Yoder
  85. Jim Shreck
  86. Leonard Buckner
  87. Mike Stone
  88. Duane Miller
  89. Tye Loy
  90. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  91. Robert Nemec
  92. Ed Thomas
  93. Robert Mairs
  94. Francis Cardill
  95. Bryan Sinnett
  96. Ken Coble
  97. Lucy Catrone
  98. Trapper Troyer
  99. Stan Hill
  100. Pete Armstrong
  101. Ernie Smith
  102. Ted Minute
  103. Vern Schlabach
  104. Dave Morrow
  105. Steve Landfair
  106. Jace Mowrer
  107. Halo?-could not read your writing!
  108. Ralph Miller
  109. Dick Sutton
  110. Richard Dobec
  111. Dan Blay
  112. John Glessner
  113. Dean Davis
  114. Bill Troyer
  115. Bob Indoe
  116. Jim Vitaro
  117. Dave Fuchs
  118. Michelle Funk
  119. Dave Morrow
  120. Wendy Ackerman, Fredericksburg, Ohio - $100 winner
  121. Haley Hites
  122. Corbet Coats
  123. Great Lakes Computer Systems
  124. Dee Hotton
  125. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  126. Joe Sitek
  127. GB Reddin
  128. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  129. Bekah Holderman
  130. Bob Ketting
  131. Bob Maibach
  132. Catlin Kidd
  133. 'Monk' Nemec
  134. T. Wolf
  135. Ron Grosjean
  136. Caroline Wood
  137. Francis Meyers
  138. Vern Schlabach
  139. Scott and Tiffany Harris
  140. Bud Wilton
  141. Bob Starner
  142. Jim Pantaleano Stable
  143. Wooster Equity
  144. Beverly Starner
  145. Pat Stull
  146. Steve Hammond
  147. Paul Conn
  148. Pat Hull, Tiffin, Ohio - $200 winner
  149. Heidi Alderfer and Jessica Sitek, Wooster, Ohio - $400 winner
  150. Dave Gunther, Wooster, Ohio - $500 winner

With the Raffle winners announced the meeting adjourned.

Last Updated: March 21, 2003; 2:55 pm EST
Editor:S. Zimmerman