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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

Notes from Club Banquet on 3/21/02

Officers present: Steve Nemec, Sharry Starner, Mitzie 'Lee' Stickley, and Annette Smith.

The meeting was convened at the Amish Door Restaurant Banquet room. The meeting began with a Social Hour where Club members, their friends, and family congregated and enjoyed each others company before sitting down to dinner. After dinner President Steve Nemec brought the meeting to order and announced that Special Guest Speaker Keith Gisser of Northfield Park was unable to attend tonite's festivities and unfortunately he could not find a replacement on such short notice.

A Treasurer's Report was presented by Annette Smith and a printed version of the report was available for all interested Club members.


After the Treasurer's Report nominations were taken to fill the Club's Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer positions open for election for the term of 2002 thru 2004. All current incumbents were nominated again, accepted, and each ran unchallenged. Therefore, Sharry Starner returns as Club Vice President, and Mitzie 'Lee' continues as Secretary, with Annette Smith remaining the Club Treasurer.

The Reverse Raffle winners were:
$600 GRAND PRIZE: Dr. Richard Mairs, who after winning, announced his intention of donating the money back to the Club to be used in any way the Club members saw fit.
Other Winners include: James Otto, Rusty Hopper, Jim Pantleano Stable, Ed Thomas, and Pat Stull.

Winner of the 50/50 drawing was Rob Starner.

There were numerous Door Prize winners that received items donated to the Club. Among those items were four Bale Cutters made out of old horse shoes handcrafted and donated by George Mueller. Also, the following local restaurants donated gift certificates or coupons: East of Chicago Pizza, Long Horn Restaurant, Olde Jaol Brewing Company, Outback, Red Lobster, Town and Country, and Tumbleweed.

The Club sponsored an Auction again this year and Rob Starner graciously served as Auctioneer with all proceeds from the Auction going into the Club Treasury. The highest priced item sold was the Quick-Hitch Harness, which had a final bid of $240.oo from Dr. Richard Mairs.


It was announced that there would be a Club meeting on March 28, 2002 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in the Red Cross Safety Building starting at 5:00 PM. All Club members were encouraged to attend as plans for this year's Matinee would be discussed. Also scheduled for discussion and vote, would be the spending of Club funds on facility improvement.

The date for this year's Matinee is scheduled for May 11, 2002. With May 12 slated as a RAIN date.

Meeting adjourned.

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