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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

Notes from Meeting on 4/27/00

Officers present: Pam Wengerd, Sharry Starner, Mitzie 'Lee' Stickley, Annette Smith,
Club member attendance: Don Beichler, Dan Miller, Dr. Rich Mairs, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Starner.
Interested parties: Dee Hotton, and Susan Zimmerman

Led by President Pam Wengerd the meeting came to order at 5:15 PM.
Secretary, Mitzie Lee, read the minutes of the last meeting held on MAR 26, 2000 and then turned the floor over to Treasurer, Annette Smith, who presented a Treasurer's Report.


President Wengerd stated the fact that the current set of Club Rules and By-Laws needed to be completely re-evaluated and updated to reflect the current conditions of the Club, and any new Rules and By-Laws needed to be voted upon and distributed to all Club members.

A Club tack trunk and associated Club papers were looked at and it was discovered that the Club's Archives have been lost. Dee Hotton suggested to check with Richard Dobec and Ron Wagner, both past Club Presidents, to see if they knew what may have happened to the Archive.

The Secretary confirmed that letters will be sent out to all Club members about this year's Matinee.
She also stated that she had received confirmation letters from the following individuals to work on Matinee day: Mary Randall - photographer, Hostetler - starting gate, Charles Smith - judge, Mrs. Smith - secretary, Wooster Fire and Rescue.

Susan Zimmerman volunteered to work with Annette Smith on a computer and update the Club's membership list and create a database for the Club to use in the future. She also volunteered to get a Western Reserve Matinee Club website up and running on the Internet.

The track announcer contacted: Ratliff, was booked for the day of our scheduled Matinee; so we still need to find someone to announce. It was suggested that Steve Nemec be contacted for his availability.

A list of volunteers that have offered to help in the following positions on Matinee day were:
Trackmen: Duanne and Willard - still need confirmation
Timers: ATI/OSU students - still need confirmation
Saddle Pads & Head No.s: Jim and Pat Vitaro - DEFINITE
Stallmen: Jim and Pat Vitaro - DEFINITE
Electrician for Speakers: Craig Long - still need confirmation

Other business: it was decided that there will be two year old only classes, a Racing Under Saddle class, and an Amatuer class at this year's Matinee. The trophies for the races would be as follows: Halters for all timed-class winners, the Open classes would receive a cooler (donated by OHHA), the Amatuer class winner would receive a whip, and the Racing Under Saddle class winner would receive a T-Shirt provided by Jamie Coffy.

The 50/50 drawing was the declared fundraiser for this year's Matinee and the drawing would take place and be announced between races 2 and 3 on Matinee day.

Advertising for the Matinee would take place by mailed flyers to members, bulletin-board postings at Nfld and Scioto, free ads placed in the OHHA newsletter and Ohio Standardbred newspaper.

Status of Thank-you notes to Club sponsors: still need to be mailed.


Thoughts on the Annual Club Banquet were presented and where to hold the occassion. President Wengerd agreed to speak with area restaurants and get prices and options for the next meeting.

Next item on the agenda was how to handle the time-bar classes on Matinee day. After years of drivers exceeding the speed time-bar, ideas were presented on how to discourage this practice: fine people for exceeding the time-bar, disqualify the winner and reward whoever stayed with-in the time-bar limitations.

Expected classes for this year's Matinee:

New memberships received by the Club for this year were: Dick Steimel, Dean Davis, Wayne Weaver, Tony Raber, and Ura Stutzman.

The motion to adjourn was presented by President Wengerd and motion carried by Sharry Starner at 6:35 PM.

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