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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

Notes from Meeting on 5/3/01

Officers present: Steve Nemec, Sharry Starner, Mitzie 'Lee' Stickley
Excused Officer: Annette Smith

The meeting was convened and led by President Steve Nemec.

The Club meeting's agenda focused on the final details for the upcoming Matinee: it was stated that the required Insurance was obtained and paid. The Starter's fee would be $150. Mr. Teeters would be contacted by Dr. Mairs to confirm his availability to Judge on Matinee day. The Charter was contacted via phone voice mail. An Ambulance service was contracted and confirmed. Sharry was put in charge of making sure the track Speaker System was powered up and running. Programs were to be faxed to printing service on Thursday and picked up by Steve Friday evening. The programs were to be sold on Matinee day for a $1.oo donation. Entries were scheduled to be taken on the Thursday before Matinee day from 8 am - Noon, with Sharry, Annette, and Mitzie manning the phone and race office for that time period.

Volunteers were going to be needed in the following positions: timers, saddle pad and head number distribution, blankets, food stand, and track maintenance.

With the final details hammered out, the meeting was adjourned.

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