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  Western Reserve Matinee Club

Grounds Map

1.Ticket Booth 21.Race Horse Barn
2.Home Economics and Flower Building 22.Race Horse Barn
3.Chicken Barbecue Pavilions 23.Race Horse Barn
4.Concession Stand 24. Beef and Veal Barn
5.Isaac Walton League 25.Coliseum and Milking Parlor
6.Lerch's Donuts Stand 26.Cattle Barn
7.Grandstand 27.Goat Barn
8.Rotunda Grange and Antique Displays 28.Draft Horse Barn
9.School Displays and FFA Building 29.Swine Barn
10.4-H Office and Pavilion 30.Sheep Barn and Show Arena
11.Commercial Displays 31.Sheep Barn
12.Grange Dining Hall 32.Sheep Barn
13.Commercial Displays 33.Poultry and Rabbit Barn
14.Restrooms 34.Agricultural and Horticulture Barn
15.Cattle Pole Barn 35.4-H Horse Barn
16.Restrooms 36. 4-H Horse Barn
17.Cattle and Sheep Barn 37.Restrooms
18. Draft Horse and Pony Barn 41.Sheriff and Red Cross SAFETY Building
19.Dairy Promoters 42.Restrooms
20.Race Horse Barn 45.Commercial Displays

Last Updated: Friday September 14, 2001; 7:30 am EDT Racehorse Barn Racehorse Barn Racehorse Barn Racehorse Barn Grandstand Sheriff and Red Cross Safety Building Grange Dining Hall Colesium 4-H Barns Rotunda Grange Hall Draft Horse Barn Racehorse Judges Stand Covered Bridge Racetrack in front of Grandstand Racetrack Backside of Racetrack Beef and Veal Barns Racetrack