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Western Reserve Matinee Club

2003 Club Newsletter


In March 2003, my two year term as President of the Western Reserve Matinee Club will expire. I will not be seeking a return to office. In the past two years several different ideas were tried in order to promote, inspire, and get people involved in the Club. Some proved to be more successful than others. The past two years were marked by Matinee's with good support from the area horse-people. The cost of hosting a Matinee was reduced from previous years and the Club operated in the black financially. The Club's Constitution and By-Laws were changed and updated.

I would like to thank the Club Officers and their spouses for providing their support to the Club during my term as President. In addition, the volunteers on Matinee Day and at the Annual Meeting, your help was very much appreciated.


This year the Club's Annual Meeting will have a new format. The meeting will be held at the East of Chicago Pizza Restaurant at 801 W. Old Licoln Way, Wooster, Ohio, on Thursday, March 20, 2003. It is across from the northeast corner of the Wayne County Fairgrounds. For those of you who have been around awhile the restaurant was previously known as Yacco's. Pre-registration is not required and the doors will open for the Club at 6:30 PM with the Meeting starting at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Food and beverages will be available for you to purchase from the restaurant's regular menu if you are interested in a meal.

The Club's business meeting will consist of old and new business, election of Officers, and a treasury report. Any donations received from local businesses will be given away as door prizes. Due to the previous year's lack of support for the Auction held during the meeting, it has been dropped from the venue. By changing the format, it is hoped that there will be increased attendance and participation from Club members and raffle ticket holders. Hope to see you there!

DATE:     March 20, 2003 (Thursday evening)
TIME:     Social Hour   6:30pm - 7:00pm
          Meeting  7:00pm - 8:00pm
PLACE:    East of Chicago Pizza
          801 W. Old Lincoln Way
          Wooster, OH 44691


Once again the Western Reserve Matinee Club is sponsoring a REVERSE RAFFLE to raise funds for the Club in 2003. Because of the success of last year's RAFFLE and the positive response the RAFFLE received, the number of total tickets to be sold has been increased by 50 ! These additional tickets will raise and additional $500 for the Club. It will also provide an additional $500 in prize money!

With 150 tickets being sold at $20 each, the RAFFLE will raise a total of $3,000 ! Of that money, $1,500 will go into the Club's treasury and $1,500 will be given away as CASH PRIZES.

The RAFFLE tickets will be awarded as follows: the last ticket drawn wins $500, the owner of the 149th ticket drawn will receive $400. For the 148th ticket, the owner will receive $200. The owners of the 1st, 40th, 60th, and 120th tickets drawn will each receive $100. You will notice the prize awards are different from last year's raffle in hopes of providing increased drama and anticipation at the finish.

The REVERSE RAFFLE drawing will be held at the Club's Annual Meeting on Thursday March 20, 2003. Winners need not be present to win. Contact Dr. Rich Mairs, Sharry Starner, or Steven Nemec to purchase your ticket. ONLY 150 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD so support the Club by purchasing a ticket or two!

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!

This winter can best be described as snowy and cold. While the Club can't do anything about the cold temperatures we have been able to provide snow removal for the Wayne County Fairgrounds racetrack. As of the last week in January, The Western Reserve Matinee Club has paid for two snow removals and February's Presidents Day snowfall cleanup.

Projects such as snow removal, and stone for the track's surface, are all made possible through the fund raisers of the Club. Your participation in the 2002 Reverse Raffle, the 50/50 drawings, and 2002 Matinee made this year's Club improvements possible. Please continue to support the fund raisers so future Club endeavors will be possible!

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